Thank You NEPA for voting us as 2014 Wedding Photographer of the year from Electric City! Oaktree Photo started with a 18 year old kid and and an Olympus OM-1n 35 mm camera. The premise was do what is cool and photograph each couple with a creative mind also allowing for an open ear. We have been in business since 1988. We have prided ourselves in being different hosting a blend of traditional and candid styles. In 1988 we were shooting "Music Album Style" photos for weddings, scattering the wedding party 10 years before it even became mainstream in the US . Everything in life seems to be a shade of gray, as opposed to clear black and white. This is why we say we are photojournalistic with a flair of traditonal. Oaktree Photography was built on Wedding Photography, and has since grown to Video in 1995 and High School seniors in 1997.